INSIDIX is a French company specializing in high resolution non-destructive testing of materials, components and sub-systems, with particular expertise in the microelectronics industry.  We offer our customers a full range of NDT equipment for purchase, as well as testing services in our laboratory utilizing these same technologies. In addition, INSIDIX maintains a full R&D department to develop new NDT technologies and to adapt existing technologies to better meet our customers’ needs.


INSIDIX brings its customers more than 15 years of experience as a user and developer of NDT technologies. Our considerable expertise allows for superior service and more informed decisions, no matter what quality or performance issue the customer might need addressed.

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If you need reliable testing, control or measurement services, we have the solution.

INSIDIX offers Non-Destructive Testing and analysis to supplement its customers’ internal resources, including:

  • Complete out-sourcing of laboratory testing and analysis for smaller customers whose needs do not justify the investment in equipment and personnel

  • Alternative technologies and expertise for issues that cannot be addressed by the customer’s existing equipment or personnel

  • Complementary expertise for highly complex issues

  • Supplemental resources when large or time-sensitive projects cannot be handled by  internal resources alone

  • Consulting services to assist customers in the development of predictive approaches based on NDT technologies

With over 15 years of experience in non-destructive testing and the extensive range of technologies available at our facilities, our Services Laboratory offers the foremost in analytical techniques and expertise.

We can select on the basis of our experience, the technology or the technologies that will best serve your particular needs.


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy - SAM

2D X-ray Radiography / 3D Computed Tomography

X-ray Micro-Fluorescence

Lock-In Thermography - LIT

Topography and Deformation Measurement - TDM



For the detection and characterization of faults, anomalies and failures of materials, components, and assembled interfaces, INSIDIX experts will provide you with a comprehensive report in total respect of your deadlines and confidentiality requirements. Your personalized report will include all the relevant images concerning your items, and a complete and detailed diagnosis and interpretation of the results obtained.


We can also help you to develop predictive approaches based on NDT technologies. Prototype series may be tested by our technicians (R&D qualifications) to identify the areas where risk of failure exists, and assist in determining solutions in simple redesign.



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