Interview of Paul Rossi, Chief Executive Officer...

> What does this original INSIDIX NDT solution bring to the market, and why was it developed?
The innovation that TDM represents on the NDT market came from our analysis of the NDT market evolution, and our identification of a need that was not adequately addressed by any machine on the market. At INSIDIX we try to anticipate market evolution and not only react to the changes that occur. We continually invest in R & D and this investment is quite significant for a company of our size.  Our R & D engineers receive ongoing client feedback from our field people whether from the commercial or from the technical teams. So it is quite natural for us to come up with new ideas that we test in our lab. TDM was initially conceived to help our customers anticipate the defect outbreaks due to temperature variations. Our technical challenge was to invent a machine that could accurately measure thermal-mechanical stress induced warpage under realistic reflow conditions. The TDM machine does just that, and is now used in labs and R & D departments of major international firms in the industry.
> It is somewhat unusual on the NDT market to see a company that provides services for component inspection and sells NDT machines at the same time. Is it just a historical fact, or do you believe it brings a specific added value to your customers?
It was historical and related to the process of formation of our company, but then, when it became obvious that it was a significant asset to our customers, we reinforced it and it has become now a distinctive feature for INSIDIX.
> Can you give us an example of what it brings to INSIDIX customers, preferably coming from your own experience?

 I can tell you about the partnership we created a couple of years ago with a local customer in the electronics industry. They started to give us their business for component inspection and it grew quite rapidly. Eventually they grew to the point where it was economically sound for them to acquire equipment. We advised them on the alternatives we felt were most suitable to their needs based upon our experience with their component inspections. They did shop around but ultimately decided that the quality of service they were getting from us was something they did not want to lose. They bought an XR machine from us and now when they have any kind of difficulty using it they know who to call. Their hot line contact is actually the service person that worked with them before. So we are very present to support them in this new stage of their development and they obviously appreciate that. We also trained their operator and he was coached by someone who knew all the tricks and what users really need to understand to get the most out of the machine. That did make a big difference too. I think we do bring them something special that is difficult to find on the market.
> So INSIDIX is an innovator, a laboratory services provider and a distributor of equipment? Any other activities planned for the future?
Yes, we are all these things, and we provide equipment repair and maintenance, upgrading and technical support services as well. We like to think that customers can come to us for solutions to any of their NDT issues. We offer a wide range of services and equipment that cover the most essential NDT requirements. We have considerable expertise in this field, and we do not hesitate when a customer needs us to design tailor-made solutions for him. That is actually the direction in which we expect to evolve further in the future: combining standard technologies with INSIDIX expertise and innovations to provide our customers with solutions that would be hard to find elsewhere.


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