In addition to Acoustic microscopy machines with advanced features, INSIDIX offers a range of high performance components. 




JSR Ultrasonics pulser/receivers are at the heart of advanced non destructive testing systems used throughout the world.


The DPR300 is a computer controlled ultrasonic pulser/receiver with an extremely low noise receiver. Instrument controls include receiver gain, high and lowpass filter cutoff frequency selection, pulse energy, pulse amplitude, pulser impedance, damping level, pulse-echo or through transmission mode select, pulse repetition rate, and pulser trigger source select. A Manual Control option is available.

The rapid-recovery receiver is fully shielded from electromagnetic noise and interference to ensure a high signal to noise ratio.

The DPR300 includes a turnkey software front panel control program to enable immediate usage in your application. DPR300’s, and other JSR Ultrasonics instruments can be controlled from one computer.


The DPR500 DUAL Pulser/Receiver is the first dual channel, modular instrument consisting of two complete pulser/receivers integrated into one unit. Receiver modules are currently available in the following bandwidths: 500 MHz, 300 MHz, and 50 MHz. The DPR500 may also be configured as a single channel instrument using any of the available modules.

Instrument functions include adjustable damping, gain, pulse amplitude, pulse energy, pulse repetition rate, high pass filters, low pass filters, echo or through mode select (dependent on pulser selection), and pulser trigger source.

The DPR500 includes a Windows-based software control program.

The DPR500 utilizes remote pulsers. This approach enables the pulser to be located in close proximity to the transducer, eliminating long lengths of cable that can produce undesirable reflections.

PCR 50

The PRC50 is a versatile single-channel Pulser-Receiver on a half-length PCI card. It is ideal for use in PC-based ultrasonic testing and inspection systems, and its small size and low power consumption enable systems to be implemented using portable computers. The PRC50 is provided with turnkey control software for Windows. A Software Development Kit and Programmer’s Manual are provided for the development of custom applications.  


When your application requires the transducer to be located at a distance from the receiver, or uses a transducer with a center frequency greater than 50 MHz, there are a number of significant performance advantages gained by minimizing the cable length between the pulser and the transducer. In these applications, remote pulsers and remote pulser/preamps exhibit outstanding performance, and provide substantial improvement in system flexibility. JSR Ultrasonics provides remote pulsers for all of our high frequency instrumentation.


Sensors calculate the time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo to determine the distance to an object. A large range of ultrasonic transducers are available, in different modes : fingertip contact, delay contact or immersion, combined to a large panel of frequencies, from 1 to 300 MHz.