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INSIDIX Brochure
JSR Remote Pulser DPR500 Brochure complement to DPR500 - Decrease noise
TDM Software Documentation
TDM Brochure
JEDEC 22B112A Standard Package Warpage Measurement of surface-mount integrated circuits at elevated temperature
OEM Acoustic Components - Transducers, Cables, Adapter Acoustic Components Range products
ABCs of Ultrasonics
Okos SAM system Vue400-P Brochure
JSR Pulser Receiver DPR300 Brochure
JSR Pulser Receiver DPR500 Brochure Pulser/Receiver for high frequencies (> 50MHz) and dual channel
Okos Digitizer AL12250 A/D board - 1 channel - 12bit - 250 MS/s
Okos Digitizer AL8xGTe-1 A/D board - 1 channel - 8bit - 1 GS/s
Okos Digitizer AL8xGTe-1.5 A/D board - 1 channel - 8bit - 1.5 GS/s
TDM - EUROSIME 2011 International Conference Determination of strength of interface in packages based on an approach using coupling of experimental and modeling results
TDM - IPFA 2010 Proceedings Topography and Deformation Measurement and FE Modeling applied to substrate-mounted large area wafer-level packages (including stacked dice and TSVs)
TDM Article - EDFAS Journal August 2011 Innovative Assessment of Thermomechanical Stress Effects in electronics components and assemblies
TDM - IMAPS 44th International Symposium on Microelectronics Topography and Deformation Measurement as a new Tool for Thermal Stress Assessment on Electronics Components
TDM - IPFA 2009 Proceedings An Advanced Reliability Improvement and Failure Analysis Approach to Thermal Stress Issues in IC Packages
TDM - ESTC 2010 Proceedings Advanced assessment of thermal stress related failure modes occuring during the assembly of high pin count BGAs on PCBs
TDM Componant testing
TDM Non Electronic Application
TDM PCB Assembly
TDM PCB Testing
TDM Reliability